Announcing Our Winners!

Mechanical Games are based on a crowdsourced competition of athletic performances that reinterpret the Olympic Games, first developed on’s Mechanical Turk website. For the 2012 Games, everyone was invited to this video competition, and anyone could vote for the gold medal winners by pressing the “Like” button on YouTube.

The voting concluded on 18 May 2012, and the winners were announced at the Looping the Loop celebration in MediaCityUK to start the London 2012 Games in the Great Britain Northwest on Saturday 19 May 2012.


  1. Representing Manchester: Tung Sing Housing Association’s Thai Chi Tennis
    • Group members include: Li So Wong, Sau Lan Chan, Choi Ying Lam, Koon Tai Tsui, Cheung Ho, Tai Tai Lau, and Edmund Chan
  2. Representing the global community and worldwide vote: Hand Puppet Decathlon

Who Are We?

xtine burrough is a new media artist and educator based in Los Angeles, California. She is delighted to be producing the fourth iteration of her project, Mechanical Olympics/Games, with Cornerhouse and All About Us for this 2012 global event.

Abandon Normal Devices festival is a regional festival of debate presenting world-class artists at the frontiers of art, digital culture and new cinema. A call to arms, it is a catalyst for production and experimentation, creating a space where artists and filmmakers can offer striking new perspectives and visitors can enjoy, discuss and interact with ideas. The festival is a partnership between FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and Cornerhouse, in Manchester.

Cornerhouse is Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and film.

Paul Mayers is Director of Curriculum Plus, based in Manchester, UK.  He will be working with the Manchester contestants to create their own games, but when they get to the start line… it’s up to them!

Dean Brocklehurst is a freelance filmmaker and partner in Donkey Stone Films. He will be filming and editing the featured films created in Manchester for the Mechanical Games 2012.

All About Us is an Inspire Mark project run by Lets Go Global Trafford Council. Lets Go Global are a creative arts & media organisation based in MediaCity UK.


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